Owen in China (English)

Owen-PodcastOnce a month Owen, Gerry's wandering son, talks about his life and work in China. After a childhood spent in Switzerland, followed by a decade travelling and working all over the world, Owen now calls Kunming in Southern China home. In his reports he shares his views on his new home and talks about the pleasures and difficulties of adjusting to a foreign culture. We hear a lot about China and the Chinese these days but what is life really like there? Where is this country with a 5000 year history heading? Do the Chinese really work day and night? Is Chinese food as good as they say? Owen has the answers. 

Hi, I'm Owen. I'm Gerry's son and I live in China. I grew up in Switzerland but after travelling and working all over the world, I have now settled in Kunming in Southern China. Once a month I will be talking to you about my experiences here in China. What are the people like? Is the food anything like the Chinese food you find in Switzerland? Listen to my podcast and find out all about the local customs and culture.

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Owen has decided to share some photos relating to his podcasts on Instagram. You'll not only be able to listen to him talking about his experiences in China, you'll also be able to see, like or comment his photos, or share some of your own with him. #PodClubOwen #oweninchina. Find us on Instagram!





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