Gerry's Diary (English)

GarethHughesOnce a month, Gerry talks about life in Britain, Switzerland and elsewhere. He comments on what has caught his eye - or ear. He talks about his family, friends and colleagues - the little things that happen. But thanks to his "outsider's" view - even after living 20 years in Switzerland - he often sees things that we "insiders" just don't notice.

Gerry is a pseudonym used by Gareth Hughes for the character he has created for his podcasts (level A2/B1). Gareth, like Gerry, is from Wales and he came to Switzerland more than 20 years ago with his wife and three children. In summer 2008 he and his wife moved back to Wales. Gareth's job and his life have been bound up with languages: the learning and teaching of them to adults from many different backgrounds. Gerry's Diary brings you stories about everyday life in Wales: stories about Gerry's family, his friends and neighbours. The English is clear and simple.


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Gerry has decided to share part of his everyday life and experiences on Instagram. You'll be able to see, like or comment pictures of things he talks about. Share your pictures with us #PodClubGerry or #gerrysdiary. Follow him on Instagram.



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