A Thousand Words (English)

Owen-Podcast“A Thousand Words” is a podcast of the Migros Club School for English learners with the level A2/B1, made by Richard Dumovich. Richard comes from California and is the author of books and stories and teaches English. He has been living in Zürich for over twenty years, and twice a month he talks about his experiences living outside of California – humorous stories of a man from another continent from a different culture. 

Hi. I’m Richard. When people here find out where I’m from they usually ask me the same question: “Why did you leave California to come live in Zürich? Are you crazy?”

Maybe. Clearly, people here have very special ideas about where I come from.

Twice a month I’ll be telling stories about my experiences living in Zürich, continuing to discover the place I’ve called home for the past twenty years. Are the cultures of California and Zürich really so different that most people here can’t understand why I’ve decided to stay in the heart of Europe?

Listen and find out.




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